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TJA OutBox - Large

TJA OutBox - Large

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Tired of unstacking all your storages boxes just to grab a fork?  Well now your in luck.  With the TJA OutBox, you can stack as many as you want, and access the contents off all of them through the side openings.  OutBox also collapses flat when not in use so they're not a burden to store, and a lot cheaper to ship.  

The TJA OutBox can also be used as a table top with the optional wood top surface (coming soon), and the side opening design allows you to access your storage without disturbing whatever you have stacked on top. 

Available in 2 sizes. 

Large- 23.75" x 16.25" and 14.75" high

Small- 16.25" x 11.75" and 9" high

Large OutBox have two side openings, one on the long end, and one on the short end. 

Small OutBox have one opening on the short end, and stack two together on top of a single large OutBox.


dimensions are approximate and measured externally. 

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