TJA outfitters swags tents available in 3 sizes for overland and 4wd camping

The Ultimate in Camping Comfort

Aussie style swags are the best way to sleep comfortably without breaking the bank. These heavy duty dome tents come with a cushy 70mm foam mattress, and enough room to pack away with your pillows and bedding inside, so when you get to camp, just unroll and pop in the 3 poles. In less than 5 minutes you'll be ready to sleep soundly all night.

TJA outfitters is a 4wd, overlanding, and car camping supply store that believes in saving our environment and keeping it clean and beautiful for generations to come. Based in Denver, Colorado, stay the trail, leave it better than you found it.

Committed to the environment

TJA Outfitters is committed to being environmentally responsible. We realize this industry relies on the health and beauty of outdoor space and public lands. We believe in responsible adventuring and reducing our reliance on single use plastics and environmentally damagine materials. Stay on the trails - leave it better than you found it.